Girls of 18 years and over sometimes love to become a center of fighting for

My name’s Kristine, I work as one of the girls of 18 years and over in the escort model agency of Turkey. I have a friend, 24-years old rich guy named Mark. He drives a fancy sports car. His blood is hot, the same as mine and we often have fights because of controversy in our outlooks on things and our hot tempers.

Once, he was driving and I was sitting in his car on the streets of Istanbul. Some dude drove by on another fancy sports car (I don’t differentiate between their models, all I know it was expensive). I lowered the side glass and smiled at him. He spotted this and started giving me the backward reaction consisting of kissing the air, flirting, eye contact, and tongue movements. He also roared the car engine while we were standing.

On the next red light, he went there together with us. We continued flirting. Mark saw that and got excited:

“Why is he looking at you, what da fuck does he need from you?” “Stop flirting with him.”

I didn’t even think to listen to him as it was fun and I liked the heating of the blood. Besides, Mark was only my friend and sex partner and nothing bigger. At least, he did not offer me anything more.

One of the girls of 18 years and over in blue bra and jeans shorts with brown hair is standing near the car giving the appealing look

Anyway, at the next red light Mark exited the car and approached the car of that guy. He got out too. I filmed it on the mobile camera. Now there two muscled fellows wearing tight T-shirts were having a nervous conversation on high tones. They were fighting about me in words and showing off their extreme toughness and coolness. Two alpha males started fighting about the female they wanted. Being one of the escort girls of 18 years and over, I’ve triggered such fights a couple of times before. Why not? I find it fun.

They got excited and I got off the car to separate them from one another before they started to apply fists and legs in their fight, which yet hasn’t become a physical one.

“Dudes, what the fuck, stop arguing!” I tried to scream to them, pulling Mark away from this fella.

“I don’t like the way you looked at my girl, she’s mine, U get it?” Yelled Mark on the other guy.

“She flirted with me first, you moron,” he defended.

“Okay, if you wanna fight – then fight. But let’s do it my way – on the road. Who’s faster?” I proposed them. They both looked at a car of one another and simultaneously agreed.

They’ve decided to do that immediately on the secluded highway line that was going far from the city and no cars drove on it for long years now. Definitely, I would film it all.

We got there and our racing was about to begin. I was a referee – the girl in the middle of the line who was going to give a signal. Just like in games and cool films like XxX with Vin Diesel. At this moment as I stood between their roaring cars on the midline, I felt so horny as I feel when fucking with some client of the agency of girls of 18 years and over. I wouldn’t mind having sex right now. And I’ve decided to do it with the winner. What the hell, why not? This is my life.

I looked in Mark’s eyes and at this guy and sharply sat down. Their engines roared and they took off like two bullets loosed from the gun. They were about to go the way to the U-turn, turn back and finish on the start line. Who comes first – gets me. I saw them becoming smaller in the distance, leaving two huge cloudy traces behind. I couldn’t tell who’s winning – as they were pretty far now to estimate that. Let’s wait.

Now, they seem to have turned and are going back. I see the two cars in the waves of hot air, which were scattering their silhouettes. The engines’ roaring reached my ears and I stepped aside to free the road for them. I think that Mark is the first. Yes, he is definitely the first! Oh, come on, Mark! I wanna fuck your dick on the backseat of your car, come on, make your victory! Horny, super horny, one of the horniest ever girls of 18 years and over – that’s how I would describe my state of the body at this moment.

And… Yeeeeees! Here you go, shalla-walla! Mark is victorious! Heehaw! He won the race for me overcoming his competitor at least for two bodies of a car! The other guy did not even want to stay so as Mark won, he just hit the road and drove away out of shame. Mark returned to me and I literally jumped in his car saying “I desperately want you. Right now and here. Take off your pants, fuck me gosh damn it, I can’t wait any longer.”

And I started taking off my soaked wet pants…