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I was invited for a shooting of a music video clip. I work in escort in Istanbul service and I look as a real model, so I get invited to participate in such things for a pretty long time now, at least 10 times a year, maybe more.

This time, an invitation came from some really unknown band – ‘Mr. Tee and the Gung’. Well, singers in our time call themselves with various names and not always correct in spelling or meaning. I don’t care for the name, though – I will simply work for them.

The pavilion was covered and warm inside, which delighted me from the beginning – as I am sick of shooting in unheated pavilions (I even got cold two times because of that). The stage for the shooting was in the middle of decoration by the crewmembers. They were setting the light and sound, and I was taking care of by a makeup artist. Along with me, there were three more girls of similar appearance: black hair, tall, slim, with big busts. I’ve never seen them in escort in Istanbul service, so, I suppose, they were either from another one or didn’t work in the service at all.

We got all costumed the same: black dresses with fluffy skirts, high heels of screamingly yellow color and our hair was gathered in buns.

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We came out on the stage and were brought to the stage manager to begin the rehearsal. He showed us our moves and we started learning them. We supposed to dance around the three main performers moving with our hands and shaking asses as if on the disco mixed with dubstep. At least, I found this fusion to be so. When the music started, it turned out to be R’n’B closer to rap. Definitely, a shitty music, I never liked it, I like rock or at least, rock-n-roll.

After our movements are done, the next scene began where we had to suck their dicks. For real. They were all standing in the circle and we have to be kneeled taking their dicks in our mouths. I, as an escort in Istanbul girl, got used to it but the other girls seemed like didn’t. They all started screaming they won’t do it and so on, but the stage manager simply showed them their contracts and told that there is a lot of provisions in it saying they were obliged to make it or else, they’d have to pay about 50,000 US dollars each for not fulfilling the contractual obligations. Poor girls – they all signed a contract not even reading it. I always do, for instance.

In a half an hour, one girl went away despite the huge fine, and two others stayed. We three stood in a circle and took their dicks in our mouths under the shooting cameras. There were at least five of them – two made shooting from a distance and three – with a close-up. I don’t know whether such a clip ever sees the wide audience but I don’t care really – money doesn’t stink, as the Roman emperor Vespasian told many centuries ago.

The next close-up was of our vaginas, as we had to undress ourselves completely and stand in ‘a pose of a crab,’ as I call it: stand on our four bellies up and raise the body as high as it is possible. In this pose, we had to rise and fall in thighs on our limbs, shaking our pussies as if twerking only not that intensely, as it was anatomically not possible in such a pose. The only dress that got left on us was high heels of the same intense yellow color and earrings. And yes, we all were standing in a circle pointing our vaginas to the center of it. It was something I never did before even working in New Year Russian escort Istanbul service.

The scene after that was a little hilarious: they singers of the band shall penetrate us and make fuckable movements while depicting they are singing. We stood in the doggy pose, in the circle again, and the guys entered us. One of the singers didn’t want to enter in pussy but into the ass and so they had to talk him out of it for another five minutes or something, as his girl didn’t want that. At all. Finally, I agreed to do it and the shooting continued. Everyone was pleased with my bold decision though it was an ordinary thing for me as a New Year Russian escort Istanbul lover. The other two entered girl’s pussies. According to the script, they had to ‘work’ with us until finishing and take their dicks out when cum. The guy in me was the first to cum – my tight ass provoked him to complete only in 3 minutes – shame on him, I suppose. Everyone is to cum in different times (as it would be fucking hard to make they all cum at the same time) and the video editors would show after as they do it from different angles one after another with nice special effects.