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They met occasionally in her small town where he was resting with a couple of his friend in the local diner place. She, an Istanbul escort girl now, but a waitress in the past, was working there there and served their table. He was a handsome fellow, he started a small conversation with her, and then, word by word, they were chatting only in two after her shift was over. They relocated to a nightclub and grabbed several bottles of beer, his treat. After the inevitable passion inflamed, they were in his car having ardent sex in the backseat listening to extremely fitting song of Roxette ‘Sleeping In My Car.’ Saying goodbye, he called her to him, to a big city in 200 miles away from this place and returned to his hostel to his friends, as they were departing in 3 or 4 hours from the time as they parted. They’ve had a final kiss and, exchanging contacts, there they were.

After 2 months have passed, she finally agreed to come to her boyfriend to the city, took a 10-days vacation and departed on a bus to him. She knew the address and so she had no troubles to get there. Taxi service helped a lot.

She really did a surprise to him – he was home and was frankly glad to see her. After the impudent embraces, she went to a shower while he was arranging a room for her in his 2-storey house in which he lived alone.

She enjoyed warm water not less than a warm meeting of her boyfriend, though she did not particularly have doubts in this decision. She was groomed before the departure from home, so showering process took no longer than 20 minutes even in the new environment. The smells were all new, as well as ambiance and furnishing.

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She went off shower naked, only covered by a big terry towel. When she entered a room, it was half-prepared, and Nick – her boyfriend – was grooming it for a new resident. When he looked at her, he dropped the stuff he had in hands and approached. After a second of an eye contact, he started kissing her passionate pink lips and, hugging her, discovering her body with own warm palms, excitedly noticed that she was naked underneath the cloth. Dropping terry towel off, he caressed her everywhere, the same as she was unbuttoning his jeans shorts, releasing his hardening cock outside.

Caresses continued and he was naked soon too. He stepped back a little, offering her an intimate game. The offer was enticing and so she agreed, of course. He approached a cupboard and took four handcuffs out. They were pink and fluffy in order to prevent pain from their usage. She laid herself on the bed. He approached and handcuffed her legs and arms to the opposite corners of his king size bed. At this moment, she felt as an Istanbul escorts, Ankara escorts, , Izmir escorts girl. Now she had arms with legs spread apart wide, and her completely naked nice smelling body with firm breasts of the 3rd size and brown nipples was at his full disposal. She has been waiting with interest what he was going to do with her – maybe it will be 69, Fetish, Foreplay or a golden shower on her. At first, he took a sticky scotch tape out of the cupboard and adjusted it on her labia in a way to open them as maximally as possible so he could enter her even better. Then he was gradually oiling at her entire body with baby oil, sprinkling on it right from the bottle, and the stream was playfully sparkling in the evening sun. She felt over excited already, just as an Istanbul escorts girl and this was felt nice. The drops of greasy fluid were flowing down her body with streams while Nick was greasing this oil all over her body, paying especially big attention to her breast, nipples, lips, buttocks and everything in and around labia. He was shoving fingers inside of her, one first, then three, and the excitement led her to a first orgasm, and several new ones during the afterward process.

He started masturbating himself keeping shoving fingers inside, rubbing between her legs, sliding easily on the greased body surface. When he was close to cum, he rose on his legs, stood above her and sprinkled her entire body and head with his dense sperm. As we wanted more, he was ready for a repeated act just in a minute, arousing himself. And when dick hardened again, he entered her chocolate ass and cum there again, feeling her just as an Ankara escorts girl. They both were excited because of such a furious start of her vacation.