Blonde escorts experience massage with unusual massaging substances

When you have a gorgeous body of a Blonde escorts UK girl under your hands, booked for 4 hours, you have the greatest opportunity to implement all your erotic dreams. For Boualem, a 44-year old owner of several crypto coin businesses here in Turkey, the dream was using a posh body of a young woman as the canvas. Namely, he wanted to apply on her various substances and look how they behave on the skin and what it feels like on his hands (and, probably, other body members if he wishes at this moment).

A list of greasy food substances can be pretty long. For such a special date with a blonde escort sex concubine, Boualem had to make proper preparations – mainly buying the necessary stuff in the supermarket. Also, as he wanted to do it on the bed, buying some underbody leak-proof material was also on the shopping list. Boualem’s list included ketchup, soy sauce, mayonnaise, liquid cheese, peanut butter, regular butter, sweet jam, custard, ice cream, whipped creams, some ready soup, fresh eggs, ready-made dough, béchamel sauce, yogurt, liquid chocolate, jelly pudding, honey, maple syrup. Anything else he sees on the shelves out of the list but suitable as well could be taken, too.

The idea was pretty much plain: he didn’t want to grease the entire body of a girl all over with just one substance. Instead, he wanted to apply some here and some there. If the products remain after the first application, a girl would take shower and they continue with a cleaned-up and dried-up body.BDSM escort with a fabulously looking face wears underwear with sexy openings

To make it obviously more comfortable for him, he has ordered a mature blonde escort with a fancy body, nice wide hips, and large boobs. Boobs alone could accommodate a lot from the list, so his choice was wise and well-grounded.

After a brief acquaintance with a concubine from the blonde MILF escort agency in his spacious apartment, he told her the idea and showed the place of lying: on the bed, on top of a covered surface with several wide strips of leak-proof clothes with rubber, similar to what they use in hospitals for non-walking patients.

Boualem started with the substances, which were the least greasy. Peanut butter went to the girl’s boob. He smeared it with both hands, feeling the sweetly smelling stickiness, which literally glued their skins to one another. Another boob experienced sweet jam shortly. Now a girl looked like a sort of sweet sandwich, where bread was her body.

Before using ice cream, he had to allow it to melt. Now it resembled a sour cream, only smelled differently. This went to one of her legs. Another one was greased with custard. The belly of a girl accommodated whipped creams while ready-made dough landed on her pussy. He was roaming with his hands for a while in the specific places but when all named substances landed on her skin, he simply started moving hands all over, mixing and stirring. Having played enough, he let a girl take a shower and when she got out, he continued. Only this time, he wanted a girl to lie on her belly, opening her amazing buttocks to his sight and hands.

Ketchup was poured immediately with a splashing sound on the right buttock, mayonnaise was on the left, fresh eggs topped her lower part of the back, béchamel sauce landed closer to the shoulders, yogurt found its place on her legs, which were now greased from their backside. The pattern of further guy’s movements was the same as the previous time.

After the second shower, Boualem continued using the left substances, again, turning a girl her boobs up. Soy sauce was smeared on one boob, liquid cheese on another, jelly pudding turned into large pieces, which wouldn’t want to evenly melt even though he tried. It landed in the area all over and on her pussy. Liquid chocolate made it on a girl’s belly while honey covered her face with the eyes closed, which made her look like a glossy painting. Same again – roaming the hands, shower number three, turning back.

The last set was only of three left substances. A ready-made soup had a creamy body, which covered the legs of a girl, maple syrup felt more than wonderful on her both buttocks, which were as if two steep hills compared to the rest of her erotic body, and a regular butter was smeared all over her back and shoulders.

This time, before going to wash herself, a girl was told to lie back for a while – a man jerked off, hitting his semen to her back, the flows of which were now rolling slowly down, not staying on the buttered surface of her skin.