Istanbul verified escorts woman gives pleasure to herself in the forest after a bike ride

I work as an Istanbul Rus escort girl. But today and tomorrow are days off duty as I wanted to breathe air in the forest, to have some bicycle exercises – in a word, to take care of my body. I love sports and do not feel I live if I am not doing sports at least 2 days a week. That is why I usually ask to let me be in these days and every one of Istanbul Rus escort colleagues knows it.

The weather in this wonderful May was the finest for the ride – the sun was behind the clouds but it was not going to rain – perfect for pedaling as sun usually prevents an effective workout.

I wore convenient panties, shorts, and a top. A basketball hat on a head, my beloved white sneakers – and I am ready to go!

Driving a bike out of an apartment, (I don’t have the other place to store it) and when I sit in its saddle, I feel the excitement of an upcoming ride.

My bicycle saddle is ergonomic and anatomically convenient, with a deepening in its center – to make sure the circulation of the blood is right. It is so mostly for men but women also benefit from it, as the more blood gets to the crotch and the lower lips during the ride in opposition to the ordinary saddle that prevents the smooth circulation. For me, an Istanbul VIP escort girl who rides bike long miles every week (over a hundred for sure), it is very important. Besides, I find it arousing, as it is a proven fact that women are aroused by bicycling – they get small and steady frictions of a hard saddle on their gentle crotch, ass, and vagina, especially riding not the asphalt but the crossed terrain. Besides, the frictions are generated by the pedaling process, when a cyclist of any gender rubs genital area all over the saddle. Men, as far as I know, also get aroused because in the calm riding, they rub the saddle with their prostate and most of them get high of riding specifically because of that reason. Of course, no man will name you that among his loved reasons but it is not necessary, as it is the fact.

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Pondering about this, I haven’t noticed as I managed to ride for more than 10 miles, and was now leaving the city being on its outskirts. I was slowly entering the forest through which I had to ride before the intercity highway begins. I don’t know why, but thinking about the causes of arousal made me aroused myself. Or is it bicycle saddle? This way or another, my sexual side of Istanbul VIP escort girl overcame the sports rider in me, and I turned on the sideway right inside of forest thickets.

Usually, no men or women used to go or ride here but to feel even more secure, I turned on the slope that completely covered me from the eyes of bypassers even if they would be here. Once down the slope, I found a nice grass to lie on, sharply took off the top, shorts made of elastane and took panties off. Leaving only in sneakers, I lay on the grass and entered into my pussy with two fingers.

I stroked my breast, one boob after another, shifting between them very frequent with the left hand while the right one was immersed in a pussy. I used my middle and ring fingers to enter inside a vagina and a little finger to stroke my anus hole. Though I did not want to completely immerse myself in the butthole before wearing a condom on it. Not willing to, I still had to interrupt what I was doing and to find a condom (that I always had with me just in case – a habit I firmly gained being a Russian VIP escorts girl).

Once a condom is on my little finger, I can go deeper in the anus and continue investigating myself with the other fingers. I am closing my eyes and fantasizing about a strong muscled man that grabs me tight and puts me on the ground, enters in me with might not even listening to my hesitations and calls to stop. Though I am calling to stop, I’m willing him to continue with all my soul as it arouses me so much.

I am getting deeper inside, even making it purposefully hurting. I feel might of my arms and hands, I’m raising and falling my waist on the ground to emulate the fucking process with a man like I’m dreaming about. And after one of such big falls, my internal darkness is suddenly pierced with the eyes-hurting illumination of the brightness of orgasm. I continue to immerse fingers in a pussy and feel more orgasmic waves rushing my body, getting to toes and a head’s crown. Wonderful. Spectacular.

I lie some more minutes on the ground and then I take a bike and leave.

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