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They agreed to meet in advance in a narrow alley so she felt as if she was from Istanbul escort. It was getting dark. The street was warm from the day sun. He hugged her, kissed her lips, asked how she was doing. Everything was in order and, embraced, they went down the lane. A few seconds later, he saw that she had somehow strange behavior: sharply gasps, bites her lips, and pulls the dress, as if holding back a groan. He slowed down, ran his hand along the neck, back, stayed on her ass.

“What did you do?” – he whispered in her ear. He turned to face her, waiting for an answer. She took his hand and sent under the dress, so confidently as if she was an escort from Istanbul and did it regularly. He felt the thin fabric pants, ran his hand from the bottom up, wanted to return to his hand, but suddenly felt that out of her ass was sticking the spigot end of the anal plug. He gasped at the sudden excitement.

– You are crazy? – he suddenly asked in a hoarse voice.

– Yeah, – she said.

– And what should I do now?

– And what would you like to?

– Come on, – he grabbed her arm and headed to the end of the alley.

In a dark cavern, he held her tightly to the wall, lifted the top dress, tore the panties down and began to lick very wet pussy. She bent, trying not to moan loudly. His hand touched the ass and he pressed harder on the cork. She jerked and gasped hot, imagining herself a girl from Istanbul escorts. He pressed her harder against the wall. He began to pull out the cork, slowly circling his tongue around the clitoris. Both became very hot. He wanted to expand it and to make a hard fuck.

He pulled the dildo from her ass and slowly inserted it in the hole again, continuing to lick her pussy, then speeding up, then slowing the pace. She became quite wet. He stopped, stood up and kissed her neck with wet lips, then ear, cheek, then on the lips again. With one hand, she began to stroke his cock. Then she wanted to hug his neck, but he firmly clasped wrists, hands pressed against the wall. He planted his tongue deeply into her open mouth, bit lips, whispered something unintelligible that she is one of his sweet Istanbul escort girls.

Dramatically expanding her face to the wall, he ran his hand over a hot ass. Unbuttoned his pants, held a cock head towards her ass, and he rapidly went inside. She cried out of pain. Slipping his hand into the dress neckline, he squeezed her breasts. It’s very exciting to feel that they could be seen. He started with the force pushing his dick in the ass. Her moans became too loud.

He realized that for a long time he wouldn’t take it. The girl has already got used to the role of escort in Istanbul and sighed in disappointment. He spun her to face him. She was flushed, her hair was in disarray.

He said “I want you to take it in your mouth.”

She knelt down, looking at him defiantly. From cleavage were peeking bare breasts and she spent on her hand. It was impossible to tolerate. He grabbed her by the hair and threw her head back. She took his cock in her hand, opened her mouth and held the head of the cock with her tongue. Unable to hold back, she put her hand under her dress and began to masturbate. He saw her hand moving. Eyes were obscured by a veil. He felt that he’ll explode. He made a muffled growl. His sperm hit her in the throat. He pulled out a cock and masturbating began to cum on her face. She was eagerly catching every drop of his sperm.

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Unable to hold back any longer, she put her hand down to the clitoris, quickly began to move the fingers around, pressing her face against his palm. The orgasm was so strong that he could hardly keep her from falling.