These are contacts that you may use to reach us:

  • Phone (a call),
  • Text (SMS on that very same phone number),
  • Viber and WhatsApp (nothing new – the same number is used).

In your booking and ordering from the site using the form with a feedback, as well as during your contacting us through the said channels, you may indicate any other your contact means – e-mail, for instance, or to indicate that your contact number is not the one from which you dial us, if there is a case.

You may consider that so few channels are too little quantity of options. But believe us – if everyone has a mobile phone – then what’s the point to have extra channels that will be unused? So, we reassure you that there are 100% chances you will meet a girl of your dreams when you will call or text us. Do it now – and arrange the best evening for you.

Call us now and get advice: who are now free,
how to make an order.
We are waiting for you in Istanbul.

Country: Turkey
City: Istanbul
tel.  +380 99 162 5006

tel.  +380 99 162 5006
Don’t call pls. Only sms to WhatsApp

We are on Telegram


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